CDC Italia has worked for over 30 years worldwide in transportation by sea, air, and land.
We guarantee safe, fast, and efficient transportation of every kind of freight to even the most difficult and remote destinations using custom-made solutions for every client. Loading, unloading, and stowage are carried out following the highest security, safety, and hygiene standards. We use personalized, cutting-edge stowage procedures and techniques. We take pride in providing detailed and attentive transportation using a wide and updated range of services, high control standards, the most advanced technology, and custom-made logistics solutions, all with the assistance of the most qualified professionals in the industry.
We carry out daily shipments by sea and air all over the world and we guarantee maximum speed and safety.

Personalized door-to-door service is available on request by the client. We boast a broad range of well known, quality expertise in groupage, dry and reefer transport services. We guarantee meeting deadlines, transparent pricing, quick administrative procedures, and a high-level, worldwide customs clearance system. We offer our clients an extensive tracking system for monitoring and tracking goods online during transit. CDC Italia guarantees reliability and safety, with a formula that furnishes complete insurance coverage of your shipment; drawn up with major worldwide insurance companies, it is tailor-made to the client’s specific needs.


Livorno: where the sea, sky, and land meet

Livorno is historically and traditionally considered the “the Mediterranean’s southern harbor”; it’s the junction of all traffic headed to the Mediterranean and the rest of the world. This is why we were born here, on the coast of Tuscany, and why our firm roots have helped us grow and evolve over time. Today the CDC headquarters in Livorno houses the managerial center that oversees all of our business in Italy and abroad. Here you’ll find the brain that runs all operations and the base of our leadership in many areas of the product market.

Our leadership has matured thanks to our ability of negotiating with navigation and other vector companies; constant monitoring, thanks to a sophisticated technological network with which we keep our maritime charters under check; our ability to handle warehouse storage; the energy with which we are able to respond to our client’s special needs, such as special land shipments, traditional loading on full ships and/or private cargo holds.

Company responsibility

Advisories on the application of the code of ethics and the organizational, management and control model: informative channels have been set up to enable communicating potential advisories related to irregularity in the code of ethics and the organizational, management and control model.


The identity of whistleblowers will be safeguarded and protected.


Digital shipment transformation

CDC Italia has been a pioneer in adopting shipping-applied information technology.

With the arrival of the new millenium, the basic idea was that using new technology would help make our mark on the market. To this end, the company set up an IT department in the 1990s and began working on the design of a management software with the help of a software development company; it handles all of the different aspects of shipping, creating a sharp increase in productivity and the possibility to closely follow all the shipping phases, and giving high added value to the client.

One of the strong points of the managment software is the MTS tracking system that helps give client management a clear picture of where freight is with widely customizable, needs-based visualization.

The entire IT department manages the infrastructure by adapting to the major safety standards with an attentive eye on new market prospects.

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