A company grows day-by-day thanks to those who run it and to the organization that regulates its operations. CDC has learned over time to construct a trusting relationship with customs agents. This is an important benefit for our clients – it means we have the capability of handling even the most complex issue, as quickly as possible and with the upmost competence and professionalism.

Our customs department is able to offer prompt assistance and consultancy. Thanks to our work, CDC has obtained from the Customs Office the authorization to transform CDC warehouses into “free zones” equipped for handling our client’s special requests and specifications. Goods placed on the market in advance and visible by potential buyers are exempt from duty tax. Each time the client can request the amount subject to customs tax, paying only duty and vat tax on the goods that will be put on the market.

Our strong points

  • Customs warehouse for storing goods abroad

  • Customs procedures and sales tax deposit

  • Document consultation (letters of credit, certificates)

  • Handling special goods

  • Insurance coverage of all-risk goods in addition to normal coverage required by law

  • Distribution service

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