CDC Italia: We have taken on the eco-sustainability challenge

Eco-sustainability has become a worldwide priority in every industry and business, especially in companies which operate in transportation and logistics. Vehicles on the road have to pollute less and be more efficient.

CDC Italia has been committed for years to a green philosophy: reducing the environmental impact and pollution are its pivotal points. For more than 10 years CDC Italia has used an powerful photovoltaic system that produces and consumes approximately 2 million KWH of clean energy — the equivalent of 96,000 planted trees.

Additionally, thanks to essential partnerships and investments, CDC Italia has embarked on the road of decarbonizing road transport thanks to the use of liquified biomethane (Bio-LNG) for its fleet of vehicles. This is an innovative energy source obtained by purifying and liquefying methane produced primarily from livestock waste – a giant step for the Italian logistics industry towards reaching the 2030 European Climate Law goals.


The use of biogas from livestock waste and the development of new technologies for liquefying methane create an economic advantage and a significant contribution to saving the planet; transforming industrial biomass waste into a high-added value product that almost completely reduces its own combustion emissions. This important example of circular and sustainable economy was completely realized in Italy, thanks to a synergic development plan that has all the potential to help rapidly reach the European Climate Law’s 2030 goals for reducing emissions in the next two years. A true revolution like this would not only eliminate pollutants, it would also remove carbon monoxide emissions – the so-called carbon negative – from the air by using biofuels for transportation.

CDC Italia has fully adopted the INBLUE philosophy – blue like methane and liquid biomethane – a clean and renewable source which will be used to run our vehicles and completely reduce CO2. 

Since 2019 CDC Italia has used the Reefer (2e) generator for transporting containers. It has a zero-emission, 100% sustainable Azoto temperature controlled system.

Photovoltaic system

We have produced and used approximately 2 million KWH of energy with our system — equivalent to planting 95,673 trees.

Our ten-year pollutant reduction from 2010 to 2020:


SO2 = 760 Kg


NOX = 870 Kg


CO2 = 956.738 Kg


374 tons of unburned petroleum

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