CDC has always considered  fundamental the physical well-being of its employees. In time of pandemic, workers continued to give their best to allow the company to maintain unaltered the levels of customer service. The company has put in place a whole series of initiatives to protect its workers and safeguard their health to  reduce the risks of possible infections. In addition to this, we have installed a device called GENIUS AIR SANIC that aims to counteract viral and bacterial contamination in enclosed spaces.

Located at the entrance of the internal rooms, the GENIUS AIR SANIC column allows constant sanitization of air with the emission of suspended particles in the air capable of destroying most pollutants present in the environment, without any danger to people’s health. The GENIUS AIR SANIC sanitizing column, thanks to PCO ™ technology, guarantees:

  • Elimination of germs, bacteria and viruses.
  • Active treatment of surfaces and environments with hydrogen peroxide linked to air humidity.
  • Elimination of odors.
  • Reduction of harmful microparticles.

  • Reduction of dust clusters.

  • Improvement of the general quality of indoor air.

    These features aim to maintain a state of well-being of employees with particular regard to microclimate, and air purity that positively affect health. We care about the health of our employees so that they are increasingly efficient to give the best service to customers.